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3 Ways to Update your Bathroom

  1. Add a Chandelier or some pendants!

Lighting can make or break a space. Adding a fun chandelier, some pendants or even just replacing your existing lighting can be easy, affordable and completely transform and refresh your space!

If you're going for an elegant touch, a chandelier above the tub is my new favorite thing to do!

The options are truly endless when it comes to new lighting, maybe just throw a lamp in there, who knows what kind of eclectic touch your bathroom might need!

2. Change out your vanity!

The coolest thing about vanities is, if you try hard enough, they can be made from anything! An old dresser, a bench, a bucket? Really! Make it your own! I love the idea of an old desk as a vanity with a vessel sink, wouldn't that be darling? I love how much the look of the bathroom above changed just by changing out the vanity to lighten up the space! How cool!

3. Add some fun accessories!

Ever thought about just changing out your mirrors, perhaps moving a medicine cabinet or adding a lamp or some flowers? Small touches like this can go a long way and do wonders on a small bathroom! Guests notice attention to detail and adorable personalized touches!

Now go get re-modeling! Call me with questions or advice! Let's do your bathroom too!

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