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portrait of Rachel Strong

Rachel Strong


Rachel grew up in Colorado Springs, CO as the eldest sister to four younger siblings. It was there that she started to develop her leadership skills. She has since honed her skills as a leader in business. Everywhere she has worked, she has quickly become the unquestionable manager.


She has held many titles (barista, restaurant server, personal assistant, content curator, graphic designer, and more) but out of all of them, she enjoys interior design and branding the most. Rachel fell in love with her clients' stories. She finds joy in listening to others' stories and finding ways to integrate those parts of her clients into their designs.

In 2018 Rachel took a sabbatical for 15 months to travel all over the world. Her passion for stories gave her the courage to solo travel to over 30 countries! While traveling, she gathered global knowledge of people and design. Staying in some locations for months at a time, she was able to create lifelong friendships and personal connections around the globe.​


Rachel’s outgoing, driven personality and creative passions have been the keys to her success in life. Clients’ stories continue to be her inspiration to contribute to the world around her.

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