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Gidget moved to Colorado Springs, CO in 1991.  Shortly after,  she began a real estate career that offered her an in depth knowledge of new home construction and became successful for her. 


While she loved that position, In 2004 Gidget decided to follow her passion for Interior Design.  

Her new business, DesignCents Interior Design, had its humble beginnings in the guest bedroom of her Briargate home where she started by making drapery and painting clients’ walls herself, often with her two young sons in tow.   

17 years later, and still going strong, Gidget has grown an award-winning design business that specializes in remodels ranging from Kitchen and bathrooms to full-home remodels while continuing to offer more affordable options like refreshes and remixes suited to the differing ‘Seasons’ of each clients’ life.  

In 2021 DesignCents Interior Design became ‘Seasons Interiors’ a name that best represents the various stages we all go through in life.

With the addition of a design team being led by Kara Wilde as Senior Designer and Natalie Guttman as Junior Designer,  Gidget is now able to focus on business growth and community involvement. 

Gidget still takes on select clients to stay current and active in the design field. However, team education and opportunities of individual growth are always on her mind!  She is loving this new “season” of her career.

Gidget Webster

Owner / Designer