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Dreaming of Islands... In the Kitchen

1. Freestanding

Freestanding islands have a few useful features. Besides the fact that they’re a wee bit smaller than a normal island, they can also be much more convenient for smaller spaces, or for general utility and storage. They range from 1 to 2 feet x 4 to 6 feet. Some of them may move easier than others, but for a space where you just need a little extra counter space, or something you can move around, these are the perfect choice!

2. Storage/cooking

This is your typical island, storage with a little seating and plenty of room for food prep. These are great and can look a million different ways. Typically, they are covered all around, but can include a number of fun features like bookshelves or craft storage!

3. Cooktop & seating

The last kind is the most useful, in our opinion, and is what you’ll typically find in newer homes. These islands integrate the kitchen and appliances into them. The sink and dishwasher combo are one of the most popular that you’ll find. Having an island with a cooktop in the middle, or the in cabinet microwave is another very common trend. These kinds of islands usually integrate seating on the ends too!

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