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We have a seasoned design team with over 25 years of experience in the Colorado Springs market.


Basing our business model on services, we ensure our design teams’ knowledge, experience and education are being honored while providing our clients open and transparent costs for each unique project. We offer “at trade pricing” on materials when possible.   


We do not mark up sub contractor bids.  Clients enter into direct agreements with selected contractors. 

We work with many contractors and offer our access to them as part of our service.

wild prairie photography-3.jpg


Design Consultation for various items- Senior Designer $150 hr 

Paint Color Consultations- $195

Custom Drapery and Fabric Consultation available on request. 

Trade discounts on materials are extended to client when possible.



Inspirational design time for your unique space.

$595 per room

Discussing furniture placement, color ideas/locations, possible remodel/refresh locations.  All ideas and discussions sent to you in a worded format for your future use and implementation.



Design inspiration/ideas for your implementation 

Materials: No

Contract labor: No



Using your Home to “shop” and re-style your current space with a new perspective reflecting an updated style and use of space.


$950 per room

Our Design team will move the furniture around, re-hang artwork/photos, and place accessories while you sit back and relax.


New materials: Optional

Contract labor: Not required

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Replacing current materials with updated selections without the need to move walls or mechanicals. Per room pricing.

Furnishing and Decor Refresh- $1950 + materials


Style board

Material selections and pricing

Manage purchasing and delivery of materials

Optional additions:

Install and placement of materials + $1175

3D mock up + $1850

Kitchen/Bathroom Refresh-  $2500+ materials



Style board

New material selections and pricing


3D mock up:  + $1850 per “major” space

Contract labor bids

Contract labor management

Drinking wine: optional, but probable!


**Trade discount on materials is extended to client when possible.



Re-envisioning the space considering wall placement, Mechanical locations and new or re-used materials.

Remodel DIY (do it yourself)- Starts at $2750 

Our team does NOT supply contractor bids for labor.



3D computer perspective with measurements 

 (3D design provides “Inspired” materials for style suggestions. Current and proposed layouts with measurements. RBD Submittable. 

Homeowner supplies materials and contract labor.

Drinking wine: optional, but requirement is likely


Material selections + $1995

includes adding material selections to 3D perspective

Material pricing

Manage material purchasing

Remodel- Starts at $3750 + materials and labor

Our team provides contract bids and materials.


Avg small bath/master bedroom/family room/fireplace $3750

Avg kitchen design fee: $7500+ materials and construction labor

Avg master bath design fee $7000+ materials and construction labor

Avg basement finish/remodel $8000 + materials and construction labor


3D computer perspective of current and proposed layout with measurements

New material selections

Material selections added to 3D perspective

Provide Contractor bid and labor

Design Management with contractor

Manage material purchasing

Drinking wine: inevitable


**Trade discount is extended to client when possible