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Kara Wilde

Principal Designer

When Kara thinks about the future, she envisions an empire built on art, design, and regional culture. She sees a strong community fueled by partnerships, with programs to support growth and progress to benefit our citizens. Her vision extends beyond her own city limits and trickles into communities across the country (and even across the globe). Her dream is to not only be a part of this movement, but to spearhead it. She believes in giving back, building up, and doing it all for The Kingdom.


As a process-oriented creative, there are many facets of Kara’s design aesthetic, all of which compliment a wide range of technical abilities to accomplish countless outcomes based on the desires of her clients. She pulls cues from nature and marries them with a vivid imagination and innovative ideas to bring design concepts to life in a unique and unexpected way that honors each project specifically.


Her career path has been diverse and exciting, introducing her to many different experiences, people, and places. After aspiring to be an architect in high school, she studied Interior Design at her local college and started a small venture before joining the US Army as a Multimedia Illustrator; she served as a Special Operations Soldier and Non-Commissioned Officer for 6 years.


While in the military, Kara’s interest in fashion and style grew and she eventually launched a business as a Personal Stylist. After her military service, Kara returned to college to study Fashion Marketing and Management at Savannah College of Art and Design. During that time, she was introduced to the world of film and television and worked as a costumer, hair and makeup artist, production designer, and production assistant.


In the summer of 2015, during a break in film, Kara was offered a position in Belize as the Director of Sales and Marketing for a local handcrafted furniture company. While building their brand, Kara’s true calling for interiors resurfaced as she designed the store’s retail showroom, a resort salon, and interiors for several apartments. In the spring of 2016, she returned to the United States to launch her own design firm in Colorado. In the early months of 2018, Kara joined Colorado Home Interiors as Design Director and was CHI’s Residential Designer; she served in this position through August 2019.


During her time at CHI, Kara developed the company’s branding, contributed her expertise in the designing of the showroom, served multiple private clients and completed countless remodel and interior design projects, and designed AirBNB properties in the Caribbean and in Colorado Springs. She also served as coordinating and project manager on most of her endeavors and worked closely with contractors on each project to ensure her clients’ visions were realized.


After a year hiatus from design in the idyllic town of Southern Pines, North Carolina, Kara decided to return to Colorado Springs and use her broad knowledge of construction, years of design experience, and expansive network of tradesmen and craftspeople to join Seasons Interiors, a firm specializing in designing for all seasons of life - to include remodels, new builds, AirBnB + and interior design, as well as property staging.


With such a colorful background, Kara is able to bring her palette of artistic experiences from around the world and offer her clients a one-of a-kind experience, whether they live right here in Colorado Springs, out of state, or even internationally.


For anyone who knows her well, they can tell you that, above all else, Kara is a lover and follower of Jesus Christ and her passion for helping others her driving force.


Kara has a keen sense for all things beautiful, an affection for neutrals, and a fondness for contrast and juxtaposition. She finds joy in writing, cooking, creating and making, living a fit lifestyle, being outside, spending time laughing, and making memories with her friends and family. A self-proclaimed Modern Bohemian and Essentialist, she is fond of the minimalist lifestyle, quality over quantity, and a simple wardrobe accentuated by small luxuries like gold jewelry and a fresh manicure. Kara enjoys good music, dreaming big, traveling, starry nights, exploring Colorado, tattoos, touching everything in a checkout line, and dogs.

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