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Natalie Guttman

Office Manager/Jr. Designer

Natalie was born and raised in Colorado and is one of five kids!  She is close to her family and is involved with her church.  

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Oral Roberts University, Natalie started in the Interior design field with a position at a well respected fabric business in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

While there, she grew her knowledge and passion for design by creating custom drapery and upholstery projects per her clients budget and needs.  While she enjoyed working with fabrics and learning important skills in client and project management her career with that company was cut short by the pandemic. 


In 2020 Natalie moved back to her hometown, Colorado Springs.  That’s when she applied with Seasons Interiors and continued her passion for Design. She started as an office administrator but within a couple months proved her worth by assisting with material selections of not only fabric but hard surface selections for remodel projects.  


She has continued to grow her skills in Interior Design with her ability to create systems and update processes to streamline the remodel process. She remains a quick study, learning 3D design and expanding her knowledge of contractor management and materials.


Her quick learning, communication and social media skills helped DesignCents grow and rebrand into Seasons Interiors.  Natalie is an integral part of the close team at Seasons Interiors.


Natalie leads a full life, not only with her career in Design, but also maintaining her passions outside of her career such as Fashion, Nature and good food!  She spends her free time hiking, eating sushi and exploring the beauty of Colorado.  Natalie is an avid Painter and enjoys ceramics.  In a nutshell, Nat enjoys all things creative!